A storyteller's story


Photo by Danny Bull

Calling myself a veteran journalist makes me sound sort of old, but that is what I am. For more than seven years I scribbled interviews on Post-it Notes, the backs of envelopes and the occasional reporter’s notebook for the Tribune Co. at the Sun Sentinel and LA Times.

But, today’s journalist needs more than pen and paper to cover the news. So, in 2008, I returned to my alma mater, the University of Miami for a little re-education (and a master’s degree) in multimedia journalism. All the while, I continued working full-time at the Sun Sentinel.

Crazy? Probably. But, I acquired the necessary tools to stay relevant–and employable–in the modern world of communications. Today, I am a multimedia journalist and producer who has extensive experience telling stories and coordinating news coverage across various platforms and departments, including graphics, photo and design. I now work at the Boston Globe, where I was a part of the staff that won a breaking news Pulitzer Prize for our coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Please note that all images, videos, stories and projects on this site are copyright protected by either Akilah Johnson, the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Boston Globe or the respective organization.

  1. Did you, by any chance go to Interlochen for music camp? If so, this is Galite. I was in your cabin.

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